UK 2015 General Election Quiz (England)

Note: this is England-only, pre-manifesto quiz (see FAQ) - a full version will be launched soon

Who Should You Vote For? is the easiest to use UK general election quiz, helping you to decide who to vote for and which party matches your views most closely. So far we have versions for England and Scotland. Simply select how much you agree or disagree with the statements below.

A 50% rate of tax should be introduced for top earners
A 'mansion tax' or similar tax on wealth, rather than earnings, should NOT be introduced
The income tax rate paid on earnings of between £42,000 & £50,000 per year should be reduced
The minimum wage (currently £6.50ph for over 21s) should be increased to at least £8.00ph by 2020
The under-occupancy penalty (better known as the 'Bedroom Tax') should be abolished
Working age benefit levels should be frozen (rather than rise)
People possessing drugs for personal use should NOT be sent to prison
Elected police commissioners should be retained
The voting age should NOT be reduced to 16
The current House of Lords should be abolished and replaced with an elected second chamber
The UK should spend at least 0.7% (the current level) of GDP on foreign aid
The UK should renew the Trident nuclear deterrent
A referendum should be held on Britain's EU membership
Britain should leave the EU directly, without holding a referendum
Net immigration into the UK should be reduced to below 100,000 per year (it is currently 243,000)
All teachers working the state sector should have a teaching qualification
The proposed High Speed Two (HS2) rail link should continue as planned
It is important for a political party to have experience of government either as a single majority party or as part of a coalition

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